Stop Motion Manikin Comedy Adventure Shorts

Come marvel at these mischievous manikin misfits featured in our
stop motion, short film slapstick comedy series ‘The Sylverados’.

The only two things Sy and Sylvester have in common is a sleek, shiny reflective appearance and an enormously super wide ego. With new found purpose,
armed with irresistible personality and tons of curiosity, these brave wooden
wonders show off their wit, charm and defiant determination in wild and crazy adventures, all while dealing with the daily challenges of human surroundings.

When twin brothers Sy and Sylvester left the manufacturing plant,
they were as lifeless as boards. The bumps they received on their heads
in falling off the delivery van seem to have woken them up. Realizing freedom
was theirs to have, a quick trip to the local hardware store and several coats of
metallic silver paint later, made the disguise and getaway worth its weight in gold.
...I mean sylver.

With no other place left to go, they arrived at a friendly old farmhouse where the owners, feeling sorry for the two weary desperados took them in, named them
"The Sylverados" and allowed the glossy drifters permanent residency.
From there on out its been manikin madness ever since.

Who says stickmen can’t drive? These guys can figure out anything. OK… almost anything. They just need a little more practice getting it Right! No Left!! …NO STRAIGHT!!! Watch out for that sign post ahead… Well, there was a sign post a second ago… oops! Anyway, see how the Sylverados bare shocking resemblance to the human species when it comes to the 4 wheel love affair.

Volume 1
Stop Motion fun videos to go...

Foul Shot
Ed Norton
Fourth n Goal
Gem n Men
Stage Show
Quick Pickin
Money Shot
Lead Solo
Qtrback Sneak
Gone Solo
Ski Master
Air Assult
Run Homer
Rock Hits
Four Ever
Lights Out
Slam Jam

The Fun on the Run Series - Sylverado Shorts
Sports & Music Moments - Volume 1
are a collection of wild & wacky stop motion videos
featuring the Sylverados in popular team sports
plays and musical artist's candid performance moments.
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So don't miss out on these totally electric manikin madness misfits
Sy & Sylvester Sylverado along with their crazy side-kick friends as they
mimic human athletes and musicians with spell binding similarity.

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Sylverado Shorts
Sports & Music Moments

Volume 1
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Sylverado Shorts – Sports & Music Moments Volume 1 MPEG4 Download includes:
30 Individual high quality MPEG4 video files and 1 compilation MPEG4 video file.
Sylverado Shorts Volume 1 MPEG4 file format specifications:
Video: MPEG4 / 320x240 view size / 30 fps / Data rate 1600Kbps
Audio: AAC 16bit / 44.1Khz / Stereo / Data rate 160Kbps
Total file Data rate: 1760Kbps

NOTE: * Not all mp4 file format video players are capable of playing back MPEG4 video format content. Please check your mp4 player specifications before downloading Sylverado Shorts to ensure MPEG4 video/audio file format playback compatibility. The Sylverado Shorts Volume 1 videos have already been optimized, converted and tested on Apple’s iPod Classic (09-2007) using the latest versions of  iTunes And QuickTime. All download sales of MPEG4 Sylverados Shorts and Episodes are final and are not returnable or refundable.

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